We are a family owned and operated exporting company based out of Pittsburgh, PA & Seattle, WA founded in the year 2000.

Yoshiaki "Red" Tamura, President of the company had his roots in Seattle, trading Pacific Northwest species overseas primarily for decking and fencing in the early to mid 90's.

After the era of trading houses started to decline, he sought out for a new challenge to start his own company working as a purchasing agent for overseas customers and expanded into the hardwood market.

Over the years we have established long term business with both our customers and suppliers. The major component to our long term successes is with the quaulity of both our customers and suppliers, supporting each other during fluctuations in the market in order to achieve a long lasting business relationship.

We've established ourselves primarily in hardwood species and are located in a prime area for our customer's needs.
We offer mostly Appalachian and Midwest species such as Walnut, White Oak, Red Oak, Cherry & Hard Maple but we also have connections to other supply.

The products we offer range from sawlogs, veneer logs, lumber, custom dimension lumber, sliced veneer and custom sliced veneer.

We will handle the logistics of containerizing and shipping to your desired port of destination.
Most of our products are used in the high end flooring and furniture markets.

With our experience custom cutting lumber and custom slicing veneer from our own logs, we've gained knowledge on the characteristics of timber based on its origin.

We cover a wide area of the Appalachian and Midwest areas and will handle inspections for our customers and we also welcome our customers to visit and we will attend to you during inspections.

We look forward to providing you with quality products and services.

About us